Why Perth is expensive to visit

Why Perth is expensive to visit

Is Perth expensive to visit? Where to stay for a week in Perth? Read the article to find out.


Perth is ranked among the most expensive cities to travel to Australia. Perth is expensive to visit due to the increased costs of accommodation, food, and drinks, flights, among others.


Hotels and hostels


Hotels in Perth are of a high standard, and the costs of the hostels are governed by the Australian and International Standards making it somewhat reasonable. The quality of the hotels and hostels is promising as long as you don’t go to the cheapest places. Fees charged for visiting the attraction centers are no different from those in the United States and Europe. You should explore all the things you find eye-catching because the rates are similar.


Foods and drinks


In Perth, the cost of food and drinks is quite higher when compared to the rest of Australia. The cost of vast food meals is a bit higher, and the local restaurants tend to charge higher prices when compared to the rest of the world. Those with a limited budget should utilize the hostel kitchen to prepare their meals because it will suit their budget and help them save on costs in the long run.


Travel costs


What is the exact amount needed to travel to Perth? The average Perth travel cost is around AU$150 per day. This can be even higher, depending on your expenses. The cost of meals and transport are responsible for the increase in travel costs. On average, a visitor can spend AU$40 on meals and AU$20 on local transportation. If family or friends accompany you on your vacation, you can save on cost since the price per head is slightly lower because you can share one hotel room instead of hiring multiple rooms. Also, the tickets for kids are a bit cheaper.


The cost of hiring a taxi in Perth is much higher than that of public transportation. Based on your budget, you can minimize your travel expenses.