How much is a pest & building inspection

How much is a pest & building inspection

Having a combined pest inspection and building inspection will enable you to understand the current property condition. Most of the inspection will cost you between $500-$600 especially from certified pest and building inspection companies.

Benefits of Pest and Building Inspections
You will have a conducive and safe homestead since you will have adequate knowledge of the present condition of the house.

Having your building inspected will enable you to deal with the present problems in your property resulting from tear and wear of this building before the condition worsens. When buying a new property you may not know all the problems in such as property such as roof leaks, ceiling leaks since the sellers may conceal such defects. This, in turn, may cause damages to your items once you have settled.

Saving your investments and money
When you have clear information about the current condition of your property you can make an accurate budget on maintenance and repair cost deducted from the brokers account if the current condition of the property is at jeopardy

What to check when the inspection is been undertaken?

1. Confirm that doors and windows can open and close without any problem.

2. Check that walls, ceilings and skirting boards are at a good condition such as whether there is any presence of moods and rotting

3. Check how the painting was done and the type of paint that was used. Is it durable paint or just any other type of paint.

4. Confirm that the floor underneath the carpet has no molds or damp and rotten.

5. Confirm that ceiling and walls are at good conditions that they are not collapsing or sagging.

6. Check the condition of the entire washrooms and its water system to ensure that no water leakage in such sensitive e conditions.

7. Check for the electrical connections, water systems. Consider when they were installed to determine their service life to plan for either repair and maintenance.

8. Check the condition of runoff water systems such as gutters for proper water drainage